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The story started in China, when CJ started his career as a tattoo artist in Beijing. There, he perfected his skills as a versatile tattoo artist. Although his favorite is Asian style, his attention to detail and firm grasp of fine arts and color theory allow him to excel in all sorts of styles of tattooing. When he decided to move to the United States, he started building up towards the goal of one day having his own team of dedicated tattooers. Today, CJ Tattoo Studio is a collective of talented young artists that CJ has met over the years in the United States. the CJ Tattoo team aims for the same goal of creating exceptional tattoos. After being through ups and downs together, CJ Tattoo truly is more akin to a family than just a shop, where we all strive to learn to grow together.

How We Work

Our process is simple. We listen to what the client wants, and we create that image for them either through traditional hand-drawn methods, or digital methods. And then we make a great tattoo from that image. During less busy hours when we aren°Øt tattooing, we sit down together to draw and design tattoos for hours on end.

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CJ, tattooist from China, currently living in New York, the founder of CJ Tattoo. Specialized in asian style, with sophisticated details and bright colors. He also has unique understanding about realistic style.


@United Ink-Summer Vibe Tattoo& Art Festival
1st Place Floral
1st Arm Sleeve
1st Best Color Tattoo
2nd Asian Style
@United Ink-No Limits Tattoo Expo NYC
1st Place Arm Sleeve
@Inked Out
2nd Place Best Color


@Inked Out
1st Best Back or Chest
2nd Place Best Color
Best of the Day
Ling Jin

Ling Jin

Tattoo artist / Illustrator
As a child who wasn't very interested in studying, my only passion was art, so I went to art school. I have attended art school ever since early childhood. I started from graphite to watercolor, comic and illustration, then finally I was deeply drawn to tattooing. To me, tattooing is a way for people to validate themselves through art. When somebody gets a tattoo, that tattoo then becomes a memory that forever stands still. It represents the emotions and appreciations of that person at that particular time. Or, it's used to cover up another memory. It's a physical embodiment of their memory. The job of a tattoo artist may seem simple, but it's a strong responsibility, like a challenge that doesn't allow mistakes. These are some of the reasons that I love being a tattoo artist. I enjoy doing clean line work, tattoos with a strong visual effect, black and gray portraits, old school and new school. Of course, I want to try all sorts of other styles. But of course, my goal is to tattoo my original artwork.
Ling Jin

Jia Qi

Tattoo artist
Ling Jin


Tattoo artist

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